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Run a coworking space? Manage an investment portfolio? Teach an entrepreneurial society?

Provide your community with Yena membership benefits for a fraction of the cost.

It’s no longer a hope or even an expectation of communities to have access to a wider range of benefits for being a part of it. When it comes to coworking spaces or investment portfolios, there’s now an obligation to provide these things to your community. The best part about doing this is you help them build better businesses and become better people as a result – helping them to grow into even better clients for you!

Our bulk pricing can make it incredible easy to provide millions of pounds worth of benefits to a whole workspace for a fraction of the cost, per head.

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“YxC gives our small community instant access to an amazing platform of 100’s of like minded startups and valuable tools to accelerate their business even faster”

💬 Global Opportunities

Help your community do business globally. Often, in workspaces & societies, business can become siloed and global ambitions can be limited.

Our global community of ambitious rebels will offer them opportunities to collaborate, share, sell, buy and grow all over the world.

👨‍💻 Toolbox

Access our curated list of best-in-class products that we’ve negotiated deals & offers on, exclusively for you.

Save thousands every year by utilising opportunities with leading companies like Stripe,, Seedrs and many others.

🧠 Vision

The learning curve in starting & growing a business is arguably the hardest you’ll find. It never ends. There’s always more to learn; new best practices to keep up with.

Grow your knowledge with Vision – originally produced content, with experts, on subjects that will help you start & grow a better business.

⚡ Exclusives

Everything we do, we do for our members, and that includes getting them access to & organising some of the coolest events around.

From free conference tickets, to our exclusive, adventurous member retreats we’ll save you a tonne of work by providing awesome opportunities to your community, year-round.

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