Ambitious mind? Wanting to learn something new? Udacity is for you.

In a world where university degrees cost £9k+ per year, and the landscape is more competitive than ever for getting a job after formal education, what can you do to make sure your money is well spent and your opportunities are maximised?

That’s where Udacity comes in.

Udacity is a market-leading, innovative online education provider. They offer cutting-edge courses built in-partnership with leading companies like Google, AT&T, and Facebook on everything from mastering web design and app development to machine learning. Their flagship Nanodegree programs set the standard for industry-recognized credentials. Through projects, code reviewing, career support, and mentoring, Udacity’s Nanodegree programs give students skill-sets that are in-demand.

They even show you how much you’re likely to earn as a salary, once employed – hopefully as a result of your new qualifications.

The best news?

Udacity Nanodegree programs cost just £150 per month – over £7.000 a year cheaper than the average university degree and students receive a 50% tuition refund by graduating within 12 months. Wowsers.

As always, we’ve gone the extra mile to secure Yena members an even better deal. Not only can you try any Nanodegree free for 7 days but we’ve negotiated a Toolbox discount code for 25% off your first month of any Nanodegree (applied at the checkout).

25% off a course that could get you into the career of your dreams with a world-renowned company, at a salary you’ve always dreamed of? Winning.


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