SeedLegals is a FinTech deal technology platform – transforming the way that startups raise capital to grow their business.

Instead of the old days of founders spending months rounding up and aligning investors, reams of paperwork, surprise fees and long times, founders and their investors can negotiate and close their round online – up to 90% faster.

We enable founders to do every part of the fundraising journey: Get investment ready, SEIS/EIS Advance Assurance, funding round docs, EMI options and much more.

In addition, we empower founders to make data-driven decisions, how much to give away, what sized options pool they should have and much more – using the hundreds of deals that have gone through the platform.

And housekeeping becomes easy with our cap table management tool – where founders can manage all of their equity and options easily.


Yena startups get 3 months free access to the SeedLegals base plan – where you can create founders agreements, IP assignments, advisor/consultant agreements as well as building and managing your cap table, and even get started on building your funding round.


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