Ahhh, those days when the accountant asks for a record of all your receipts and you have to walk into their office, tail between your legs, with a whole bunch of a receipts in bag for them to sort through (and probably charge you by the hour for too)!

Well, that pain is no more with the awesome people over at Receipt Bank.

Their app saves you time and money by letting you snap a shot of your receipt as you pick up up, adding it into a database, and even linking up with popular accounting tools to auto-reconcile your purchases as you go. Super efficient and with your Yena membership, also super affordable.

They’ll even store copies of these for you online for 7 years, so you don’t have to store copies yourself (it is a small business freeing up office space and fire hazards counts).

Benefits of Receipt Bank

– Automated expense process
– Accurate data extraction technology
– Automatically sync data to accounting software
– Go paperless with unlimited digital storage
– 100% Secure
– Real time information
– Reduce costs
– Never miss a reimbursement
– Increased productivity
– Manage expenses on the go


The Offer:

Get 20% off business subscriptions for 12 months. Available for all Yena members.

Tip: Combine with an annual plan to make the maximum saving on your subscription.


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