is a super-simplistic project management software to help you manage your workload, communicate with your team and celebrate success, faster. is a collaboration tool for teams, clients and freelancers. We love to say we’re a collaboration tool, and not a project management tool, because the scope of collaboration goes way beyond project management. Unlike other tools, gives you a way to manage everything, and not just projects. allows you to stay focused on the big picture while achieving tasks with your team. is a fantastic tool to map out workflows and processes in a way that is visual and intuitive. With a single glance, you can immediately see the status of where things stand. This is a great way to list all your projects and have your entire team aware of what’s ahead. eliminates the need for painfully long email threads and unnecessary meetings. All communication and files are located in one place, and you always have context to remember the “who, what, when, where, why” of any topic. is:

  • Flexible: the ability to construct your tool to meet your specific operational requirements and make your platform insanely valuable. From precise project planning to detailed jargon, the tool naturally modifies itself to be ‘each to their own.’
  • Intuitive: It’s so easy to use, your clients will instantly understand their role!
  • Shareable: share your boards with clients and freelancers and get to work together, in real time.
  • Collaborative: get rid of emails, and communicate in context. Share files, get feedback, and discuss everything that matters.



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