Go from idea to launch in 30 days!

Got an idea for a business, but don’t know where to begin? Just started out, but not sure what to do next? We’re here to help!

As a Yena Member, you can access our 12 Steps to Launch programme to go from idea to launch in just 30 days.

🤨 Is it relevant for me?

Whether you’re a first-time founder, a professional looking to build a side-hustle, a current founder launching a new product or someone who just wants to learn more about how to start a business: this is for you.

🧠 What will it cover?

The 12 steps you will access are:
  • Forming an idea 💡
  • Choosing a business model 📝
  • Polishing your product
  • Creating a brand ✏️
  • Choosing a marketing strategy 📢
  • Forming a company 🏅
  • Learning to sell 🤑
  • Balancing your finances ⚖️
  • Focusing on you 👊
  • Building a network 🤝
  • Pausing to celebrate 🍾
  • Getting ready to grow 🚀

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