We love GoSquared. Awesome people and awesome software.

Anyway, let’s not get into confessing our undying love for a company… here’s what you need to know about GoSquared:

Using 20 different tools to understand, convert, and support customers is crazy. GoSquared is a beautifully simple platform with everything you need to turn anonymous website visitors into loyal, successful customers.

GoSquared is an integrated suite of products in one platform:

  • Accurate real-time website analytics.
  • Modern, friendly live chat for your website and apps.
  • A team inbox for handling queries from live chat and email.
  • A next-generation CRM for managing all the activity and relationships of your users and customers.
  • Powerful automation so you communicate with your visitors and customers at scale.
  • A suite of modern APIs that your developers can use to power reports and communication with your customers.

Our GoSquared partnership saves you 50% a month, for the first 6 months which adds up to a massive £297 saving. You’d have to be a Yena for over 2 and a half years without using any of the other benefits before that stops being amazing value for money, so we’re pretty proud to be able to bring this to you!

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