RIPHub is a mobile application that enables you to add multiple phone numbers to your current mobile device.

Phone calls to and from your mobile (or cell, if you’re from the US) phone can often be troublesome . Firstly because the calls come/go to a mobile number, it can look super personal & not give off the impression you’d like. Secondly, giving out your personal number to every can get messy. You never know what sort of marketing list you’ll end up on and want to avoid that at any cost.

RIPHub allows you to add multiple phone numbers to your current mobile device without the need to change network provider, SIM Card or anything.

And the best news if that the cost of accessing RIPHub with an inbound business number, for Yena members is £0, zilch, absolutely nothing.

We’re excited to partner with Riptec, a leading communications startup who have offered:

A completely free inbound number for all Yena members, exclusively.

Meaning you can simply download the Riptec app, set up, and be ready with your number super fast.

Further to that, they’ve also generously offered a great deal on outbound numbers too!

They’re offering:

£10 per month All inclusive UK Call – Including Free Number, Full Switchboard Features & RIPHub application, NO set-up fee.

They’ve got a Corporate Class Switchboard – meaning you can set up a company welcome message, voicemail, conference calling options and much more.

The normal price? £15 per month – £20 set up. (£25 saving first month) saving you a massive £60 per year!

Just follow the instructions below and away you go!


How to claim:

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