Equipment can be expensive. Very expensive. But why does it have to be?

Fat Lama have taken this challenge into their own hands – connecting you with the people who own the stuff you want, and getting them to lend it to you, fully insuring the item along the way, keeping everyone protected as a result. Ace!

Maybe you’re not in need but have some equipment sat there gathering dust and want to make some extra revenue from it? You’re an entrepreneurial mind after all, we’d be surprised if it hadn’t come to mind at some point for you. Well you can lend it on Fat Lama too, with that insurance backing you up all thew way.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a Toolbox item without us securing you a neat deal to take advantage of, and Fat Lama haven’t disappointed!

All Yena members get 30% off their first rental, up to any value.

That means you could get this super professional camera kit for the whole week, fully insured (y’know, just in case) with a massive £360 saving.

You’d need to be a Yena member for over 3 years(!) for that sort of value to stop being worth it. So we think it’s a no brainer to sign up.


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