Getting the legals done for your startup can be super expensive. Farillio are changing that.

We waited for Farillio to launch for a year to bring this to the Yena community because of how game-changing it’s going to be for getting you set up, protected and ready to take on the world, for such a small amount of money. It’s disrupting law and for good reason.

With Farillio, you get access to:

  • A dashboard to remind you of your accounting dates & business info whenever you need it (surprisingly more helpful than you’d think!)
  • Editable legal documents you can store, create, share & sign whenever you want on the Farillio platform itself
  • Share the docs with team members and associates for collaboration purposes
  • Bring in legal help on-demand (speedy and easily) to help customise documents on a discounted, startup-friendly rate
  • Stay up to date on all the latest legislation, delivered in plain English, through ‘How-to’ guides and videos, checklists and infographics from key partners
  • And much more!


Not only is this platform awesome it’s run by lovely people. As such, they’ve offered Yena members an exclusive deal to get 2 months free access up front to try it out and a discount code to save you 15% off your subscription for the remainder of the year too. Ridiculously good value!

In £ terms, your Yena membership saves you £33.60 inc vat over the course of the year – that’s more than 3 and a half months of your membership in this one tool alone.

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