Game-changing exclusives

Being part of the Yena community often gives you access to opportunities that you won’t get anywhere else.

From free conference tickets, ridiculous discounts to help you build your business, PR opportunities, high-level introductions and even 0ur members’ retreat – our exclusives often deliver more than your years membership value in one hit.

Here are a couple of examples of past exclusives…

⚡ Conference Tickets

Free tickets worth £100+ for OiConf, Europe’s fastest growing digital marketing conference. Free & discounted tickets for Startup Grind’s Europe conference. And many more!

🌅 Member Retreats

Our last member retreat was amazing. 3 days sea kayaking on the Italian coast, in Sardinia, paddling crystal clear water with incredible founders who are now good friends!

🏢 Desk Space

A partnership with the leading music publisher, saw us offer desks at Ministry of Sound‘s London offices, at rates 50%+ cheaper than WeWork.

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