Yena is free for two months to support startups affected by Coronavirus!

In April we announced plans to make Yena free, for 2 months, for any startup that needs to access the support we provide during the Coronavirus pandemic.

In total, we raised £2,670 through 39 generous individuals from both inside our member community and from the wider startup ecosystem that we’re a part of. We’ve been humbled to see such support and it’s because of these donations that businesses may avoid failure during these uncertain times. That means a huge amount to all of us.

The impact of Coronavirus

Startups, scaleups, staff, partners and customers are all effected by the pandemic. Keeping these businesses running, and helping them to innovate, is key to maintaining job stability for teams, delivering quality to customers and ensuring that the wellbeing of individuals is supported.

Meaningful support

Many of you will have seen some companies profiteering from these circumstances. It’s important to us that everyone understands we’re doing this to help those who need it, not to bring in new business. If members wish to stay after 2 months, they can. However, they can just as easily pause/cancel if they need to.

What’s Yena’s role in this?

Yena provides startup support to hundreds of businesses as an alternative to government programs or physical accelerators. Many of our community say this has been invaluable to their entrepreneurial journey and, as primarily digital platform, we are well placed to deliver this support to anyone who needs it right now.

huge thank you to the 39 of you who supported this campaign. In particular we’d like to express our gratitude to the following people/organisations for their donations.

  • Ada Ventures
  • Bad Dinosaur
  • Caleño Drinks
  • Charles Parkinson
  • Jermaine Paul Smith
  • Marc Powell
  • Matt Halsey
  • Max Pownall
  • PushFar
  • Rich Wooley
  • Teooh
  • Warren George

We also could not do everything we do without the help of our Official Brand Partners. Here is a huge thanks to them for helping support our community & mission every single day. You can find out more about our partners & partnerships here.