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Connecting with likeminded people at one of our meetup events is fun, but with 8 events a year in each city, what do you do for the other 357 days of the year? Where do you find those people? The answer: In our community.

By becoming a member of Yena, you’re instantly connected to a whole community of people who are engaged, active and wanting to help you grow.

Do business easily with overseas markets, connect with collaborators, find suppliers, customers, peer mentors, and friends you can share the journey with along the road of building your business.

👋🏼 Connect

It’s incredible what the right community can do for your business and your personal growth. Make life long connections with likeminded people who truly get you.

⚡ Collaborate

Looking for a business partner? Supplier? Joint venture? The Yena community is home to plenty of collaborative success stories!

💬 Share

Our engaged community are regularly share learnings, tips, tools, events and more with one another, helping you multiply your opportunities & learning more than ever before.

🌱 Grow

Yena has it’s own economy – with members buying from and selling too each other, as a byproduct of building great businesses and relationships. Become part of it!

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