Claimer makes it easy for innovative businesses to get cash back from the UK government. For every £100 your business spends on research and development, you could get back £33 cash in your bank account. Almost any sort of technical or scientific innovation counts, even software development.

We know this might sound too good to be true, but it’s totally kosher and you’re actually helping the UK economy by claiming. Let us explain. The UK Government incentivises innovation by giving businesses cash (or reductions in their tax bills) for carrying out R&D, which in turn leads to more economic growth. The Government has been giving out cash for R&D since 2000 and gave £4.3bn out in 2017/18.

Claimer’s platform makes claiming this tax relief easy – we even integrate with Xero, and you can complete a claim in as little as 45 minutes. Your claim forms parts of your business’s tax return, and you can claim back up to two years.


Offer for Yena members:

Yena members get a 20% discount on Claimer fees. So this means our fee is just 4% of what you get back, e.g. If you have a £1,000 claim, we’ll charge £40 (4% x £1,000) and you’ll get £960 back. Just use the link below to claim this offer.


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