ChartMogul helps hundreds of subscription businesses extract value from their data; from large SaaS and media businesses to niche monthly gift box companies. With our all-in-one approach to analytics, teams don’t need to worry about provisioning data warehousing, and can instead focus on what matters, tracking metrics and getting insights from their data.

We’ve partnered with Chartmogul to bring you access to their subscription dashboard service (which we use, and it’s ace) with a $50 discount, for whole first year of your subscription, once you’ve outgrown their free allowance of $10k per month revenue for your subscriptions – so they’re already pretty generous!

That saves you $600 in a year which – just to put it into perspective – adds up to 5 and a half years of Yena membership. So you would have to use this Toolbox partner and nothing else for over 5 years before it stopped being a wise investment to join. And we are fairly certain you’ll use more than just the Chartmogul tool & other benefits involved in membership 😉


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