Business plans. Boooooring. Am I right?!

Not any more.

Bizplan is a stunningly designed platform that brings a modern take to business planning tools – featuring a guided builder, drag-and-drop modules, automatic financial projections, and team and investor collaboration capabilities.

It’s so good, over 30,000 founders have used BizPlan to date.

Highlights of the platform include:

  • Guided Builder – Expert guidance in small, simple steps.
  • Drag and Drop Templates – All of the most important sections of a business plan are built into drag and drop templates that you can insert and easily complete.
  • Progress Tracking – Complete the plan in any order you want.
  • Team Collaboration – Get the whole team involved.
  • Financial Command Centre – All of your key financial stats in one dashboard.
  • Team Salary Forecasts – Set current salaries and suggested increases.
  • Every Report You Could Imagine – All reports are generated from easy to use templates with step by step questions.
  • Share Online With Investors – Share your plan online with a single link that you control access to.

If you’re looking to get your plan in order, or maybe raising some funding and need to send someone a far less boring business plan along with your hopefully stunning pitch deck then try BizPlan today.

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