We’ve all been there – you’re trying to book a meeting with someone and so commences long rally in the well-known game of of ‘appointment ping-pong’.

Appointedd started to fix that exact problem (and lots more). Now you no longer have to worry about back and forth emails by simply sending a link to your recipient for them to boom a suitable time with you. You set the available times in the diary so it fits your workday perfectly and everyone is happy. They even get your contact details automatically in case they need them (if you want, no worries if not) and will even sort out time-zone differences which are always pesky when calling places on the other side of the planet!

The customer relationship management tool enables you to view all of your customer information at a glance and automate SMS and email notifications and marketing campaigns.

Increase revenue and guarantee appointments by taking secure payments or deposits for bookings online as an integrated part of the booking flow.

What do you get? 

Yena members receive an exclusive discount of £15 a month off the cost of their Appointedd subscription, that means that by using Appointedd you’ll always get a cash-positive return for your subscription as a Yena member!


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